Building Maintenance Plans


It’s nearly been six years since the Unit Titles Act 2010 came into force in New Zealand. With the introduction of the Unit Titles Act 2010, it became mandatory for every unit title development in New Zealand to have a written Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP) regardless of the size of the development. Your body corporate long-term maintenance plan must be renewed at least every three years. With each renewal the plan must cover a period of at least 10 years.

Building Maintenance Plans

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Effective maintenance of buildings not only improves the quality of the living environment but is also a vital means to uphold or even raise the value of properties.

Maintenance in general can be classified into servicing, repair, replacement and upgrading. There is also a marked difference in terms of methods, management and the result of “breakdown maintenance” versus “planned or preventive maintenance”.

Planned maintenance gives the owners and the property managers more time to prepare for the works and, more importantly, to secure the necessary funding. It usually starts out by a thorough condition survey to assess the current situations, identify the maintenance works required and lay down the level of expectation.

Considerations include implementation programs, standards of performance and reliability, as well as maintenance strategy, budget, and life cycles of specific elements and facilities.
Daily maintenance of essential features such as cleaning of surface water channels to avoid blockage of drains, servicing of small components of equipment or easily wearable items such floor finishes, kitchen fittings and other regularly used equipment are essential to ensure safe and smooth operation. A detailed plan for maintenance to be carried out should be drawn up as per the equipment supplier’s recommendations, needs and expectations of the owners, plus priority in allocation of resources.

The Unit Titles Act 2010 (UTA2010) was passed into law in April 2010 and came into effect on 20 June 2011, replacing the Unit Titles Act 1972. Under the UTA2010 bodies corporate are required to maintain and repair the common property and also any building elements and infrastructure which are shared by, or affect, 2 units or more. This will need to be properly budgeted for and assessed, requiring knowledge and awareness of the property, the building structure, claddings, finishes and services. The UTA2010 requires that bodies corporate have a Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP). This is mandatory. The regulations require LTMPs to cover the common property, building elements and infrastructure of the development as well as any additional items that the body corporate decides by ordinary resolution to include.

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