Project Management


Whether you are an owner, contractor or investor, you need to deal with a range of requirements during every phase of your construction project. Our project management services provide you with comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning services for all types of projects – no matter the size or location.

Project Management

We offer Professional Project Management services on behalf of you the client

OneProject’s scope of services are tailored to match each client’s specific needs. Our focus is on efficient and effective management, which is aimed at protecting the interests of our client.

Our staff has managed the construction of a variety of facilities for a multitude of clients: educational and municipal facilities, health care facilities, firehouses, community centers, libraries, industrial and wastewater treatment plants, bridges, roadways and housing projects to name a few.

The OneProject’s team of seasoned construction managers assigned to each project takes pride in the services they provide. Our management teams provide project leadership and maintain a focus on the construction schedule. They effectively communicate with the project participants, monitor the work and progress of trades, facilitate coordination, provide project documentation, and follow-up on details and issues until resolved. This maximizes the value our clients get for their construction budget.


Construction Management services include:

  • Professional on-site management
  • Cost estimating and value analysis
  • Effective communication
  • Phasing alternatives/milestones
  • Constructability reviews
  • General conditions and contract requirements
  • Bid/procurement process assistance
  • Schedule development and schedule monitoring
  • Leadership of coordination meetings
  • Contract administration and management
  • Quality assurance enforcement
  • Progress and financial reporting
  • Documentation and file maintenance
  • Change order management
  • Issue avoidance and dispute resolution
  • Contract closeout supervision 

Successful Projects

The Docks

Presently working with the Body Corporate to sort through litigation and remedial issues.  We started on project coming in as an advisor on passive fire and have replaced the old PM as there is obvious issues of over-complicating the real problems with the building.

Ridgeview Apartments

Working with owners committee to renovate and rejuvenate a late 1960’s building in an upmarket area of Remuera.

Detro Terraces - 2020-21

Development Manager to 14 Terrace Houses in Papatoetoe.  Fully sold in 2020 and completed.

Consultant to Dilworth Trust Board

We were approached by Ian Redshaw, Property manager at Dilworth Trust Board in 2011 to consult on an hourly rate basis to DTB helping manage their portfolio of property worth in the region of $500m. Our pimary role involves working with Ian to maximise their returns on portfolio.

Cintra Apartments

Employed by BC to undertake investigative work around leaking building work and passive fire issues.

Mirage Apartments

Undertaken design review and prepare expert witness report for building land revaluation around leasehold land rent review.  Culminated in arbitration award near the value I had set for the land.  In addition to this, we have helped to get the roof membranes replaces and tidy up numerous maintenance issues, some of which is still ongoing.

Onehealth Medical Centre

Integrated medical centre
in Remuera, Auckland of 2,200m2. $20million value.
Role – Development and Project Manager.

Quest Apartments - Darlinghurst

Balcony remediation work, replacing balustrades and improving weathertightness. Project nearing completion on time and on budget, which was complicated due to Covid retrictions.

Riddell Terrace Developer 2021-23

Developer of 15 terrace houses being developed in St Heliers – project underway and expected to be completed in June 2023.  

Balfour Road Apartments

We were employed as a project manager to complete the reclad of 7 leaky townhouses.  Our lead project manager was approached by a friend who owns one to help as they were in serious trouble with council and contractor and project was stalled. Have sorted it out and was completed in September 2018.

Springcombe Apartments

16 apartments in St Heliers on Mixed Housing Suburban land – in for Resource consent which was a tricky process on the land in this zone.

Consultant to Century Group Limited

Helping them with their property needs on an hourly consultancy basis similar to our role with DTB.

Bizpark Rosedale

Development of 22 Industrial/Office units at 63 Arrenway Drive in conjunction with joint venture funders. Included fitout of 4 specialist retail and bulk retain units ready for market. Project completed in February 2017 – $10million value.

Bizpark Manukau

Development of 36 Industrial/Office units on Puhinui Rd. Project site was onsold prior to commencement.

M Central

Employed as project manager to Twin Towers Property Ltd helping them develop a 114 unit apartment building in Manukau and 32 unit retail development including supermarket fitout. Project Value – $43m with construction value of $17m. Completed November 2014.

23 Logan Terrace

Subdivision and redevelopment of a luxury home for a wealthy client looking at top finishes for a budget. Completed and sold in 2013 for $5.5m

Other Projects Completed

Various Roles – including General Manager, Development Manager and Project Manager

  1. Volt Apartments – 417 Apartments in Auckland Central
    Completed 2007 – Value $120million.
  2. Aura Apartments – 220 Apartments in Auckland Central  
    Completed 2007 – Value $70million.
  3. Altitude Apartments – 212 Apartments in Auckland central 
    Completed 2006 – Value $40million.
  4. Federal Apartments – 151 Apartments in Auckland central
    Completed 2008 – Value $55million.
  5. 114 St Georges Bay Road – G – Upmarket Retail and commercial development
    Completed 2004 – Value $11million.
  6. Zest Apartments – 512 Apartments in Auckland Central
    Completed 2005 – Value $85million.
  7. Stanford Apartments – 116 Apartments in Auckland Central
    Completed 2004 – Value $24million.
  8. Harvard Apartments – 209 Apartments in Auckland Central
    Completed 2004 – Value $35million.
  9. C-Vu Apartments – 130 Apartments in Auckland Central
    Completed 2003 – Value $20million.


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